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There's a new kind of prospect in town

Divacy, an alternative to classical digital marketing tools

Reinvent the rules of lead acquisition with Divacy.

Pay your leads directly

Ensure your messages get the best attention possible: your leads have explicitly requested to see them in exchange for your reward.
Create an unprecedented brand experience with your future customers.

Example of a targeted advertising campaign using the Divacy app
Example of KYC with the Divacy app

Communicate with real buyers

No bots or fake profiles on Divacy! User identity is verified and backed by supporting documents.

#Confirm your leads' factual purchasing behaviors.

If you think it necessary, ask your prospects to provide supporting documents.
This is the most reliable way to ensure genuine purchasing behavior.

Divacy screen for requesting supporting documents for KYC

What our customers say

Francs-Tireurs uses Divacy
"Prospects from Divacy are highly qualified: I know exactly what they want, when, and at what price. When they come to the store, they are not casual visitors, but buyers."
Yves Chadeyras
Les Francs-Tireurs
Cultur in the City uses Divacy
"There's no match for their conversion rate: for the same price, I multiplied our visitor numbers by 10 and turned visits into sales 3 times more than with traditional tools."
Benjamin Bir
Cultur in the City
Armance Paris uses Divacy
"I've finally managed to cut my acquisition costs: I spend less per lead and only when it's meaningful for them (neither before nor after their projected purchase)."
Morgane Rivière

Switch to ultra-personalized marketing:
segment your prospects with a rare degree of accuracy

The easy way to segmentation

14 socio-demographic criteria to reach prospects who best meet your needs

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Domestic situation
  • Number of children
  • Pets owned
  • Country
  • Regional data
  • Type of main residence
  • Environment
  • Educational level
  • Professional situation
  • Socio-Professional Category
  • Income
  • Driver's license
Divacy screen for segmentation by socio-demographic criteria
Divacy screen for segmentation by consumption habits

Segment your leads by consumption habits

Forget "cookies" and "web browsing history"!

Use the actual consumption habits your prospects have given themselves.

  • Favorite brands and goods
  • Budget
  • Frequency
  • Volume
  • Renewal rate
  • Condition
  • Purchase channels
  • Reason for buying
  • Selection criteria
  • Payment method
  • Shopping experience feedback

Filter your leads on intent to buy

Send your messages about the right product or service at the right time!

Through 20 questions on planned purchases, your prospect gives you concrete information on the best time to send them ads on which particular product or service.

  • Desire to switch brands
  • Brands and items in question
  • Planned date of purchase
  • Budget
  • Frequency
  • Volume
  • Condition
  • Purchase channels
  • Reason for buying
  • Selection criteria
  • Payment terms
Divacy screen of segmentation by purchase intentions

GDPR-compliant marketing with Divacy

Divacy GDPR consent screen for lead acquisition campaigns

Recruit leads while complying with GDPR

All Divacy users have voluntarily given their explicit agreement to be contacted by advertisers.

Lead acquisition on Divacy complies with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

See our data protection policy

Divacy GDPR rights reminder screen

A solution designed for
Marketing professionals

Divacy screen for compensation to receive advertising Divacy lead acquisition campaign monitoring dashboard Divacy screen on brand safety for advertisers Divacy screen on message deliverability for advertisers
Increase your ROI
Define the cost of lead acquisition yourself.
Avoid nasty surprises
Track the progress of your acquisition campaigns in real time. Adjust your campaign spend day by day.
Manage your brand image
Specify the exact context and target for your messages.
Boost your message deliverability
100% in-app message display. Your messages will never get lost in the crowd or be seen as spam: Divacy users have a vested interest in clicking back on the app.

Detect churn

Grab your customers about to leave for the competition!
With Divacy, you know exactly when your customers are considering switching brands, and why.

  • Divacy screen on churn detection
  • Divacy screen on client attrition detection
Divacy screen on identifying unknown customers

Identify your unknown customers

Lastly, reach out to customers who have entered a relationship with your brand outside your usual distribution channels.

Create a new customer experience based on respect for data and the relevance of ads.

Icon depicting trade compliance

Trade Compliance

Icon depicting one-time acquisition cost

One-time acquisition cost

Icon illustrating ultra-professionalized offers

Ultra-personalized marketing

Customers and Partners

How does Divacy work for Advertisers?

Bottom line: the benefits of Divacy for advertisers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Divacy for advertisers"?

Divacy is a lead acquisition and customer loyalty platform.

Use Divacy to send out ultra-personalized offers and create new relationships with consumers.

No more spam! Users agree to receive timely advertising on specific themes and buying intentions.

Divacy lets you to send meaningful offers to the right users at the time that's best for them.

User identity and, if needed, proof of user purchase or ownership are verified.

The lead acquisition manager can:

  1. Create lead acquisition campaigns on given themes
  2. Set windows of time for receiving consents
  3. Send personalized offers

The Customer Loyalty Manager can:

  1. Identify customers that the brand couldn't at the time of purchase (buying second-hand items, for example)
  2. Identify customers about to abandon the brand (churn detection)
What is a Divacy Proposal for brands or distributors (e-commerce sites)?

A Proposal is how you indicate your desire to get in touch with Divacy users on the app. You provide the topic on which you wish to communicate with each lead (for example: a brand of cars, or cars in general), and what reward you offer the lead to receive your personalized offers (€1 minimum).

Your proposal is seen only by users who match your segmentation and cannot be transferred to others.

Why use Divacy?
  • There are no fake accounts on Divacy. Your leads aren't robots either. Each user is an adult and unique on the platform.
  • On request, we check the consumption habits of your customer segmentation
  • 100% ad deliverability thanks to in-app operability. Your messages are not seen as spam
  • To help increase your margins: acquisition cost is one-off for the entire relationship with your lead, and you set the cost!
Can we provide leads with gift certificates or goodies?

Nope. Divacy only lets users be rewarded with real money, from €1 per proposal.

Still not convinced?