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How is my personal information protected?

The app is built on a decentralized system architecture with robust and proven security techniques. All communication to the servers and backups is encrypted.

Divacy applies the principle of data minimization. This is a principle of GDPR which consists in collecting and saving only the information necessary for a service. In compliance with the regulations, for security, and to ensure our users' privacy, Divacy does not keep sensitive information such as first and last names or date of birth in clear text. As for your IBAN, it is not stored by Divacy. We hire professionals for this.

Hence, for your security, Divacy will not display your name in the emails we send. We know it's not that warm, but don't worry, we'll find a way of saying something nice ;-)

To find out about the IT processing that applies to your data, please see Divacy's Data Protection Policy.

You can also write to our Data Protection Officer (dpo@divacy.com). You'll see, he's nice too!