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Market-research institutes,
A new kind of participant awaits you

GDPR-compliant recruitment that frees you from invitation logistics

Recruit respondents while complying with GDPR

Divacy respondents have freely and explicitly given their consent to take part in your marketing studies.

Recruiting respondents on Divacy is fully compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

See our data protection policy

Delegate the management of invitations

Invite your participants on the app… we take care of the rest (reminders, real-time reporting of confirmations)

For your quant and qual studies.

Digital call sheet

For interviews, a digital call sheet for confirming the respondent's presence on the day of the interview.

Divacy screen for segmentation by consumption habits
  • Divacy appointment confirmation screen for a market-research study
  • Divacy screen for the market-research participation code

Respondent code

Prevent identity theft by remaining GDPR compliant: the code for taking part in your study is only displayed in the app on D-Day (not transferable between respondents).

A solution designed for
market-research professionals

Recruit respondents for all types of research

  • Qual research
  • Quant research
  • Individual interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Face-to-face
  • Telephone
  • Online
Increase your margin
Specify the exact context and target for your messages.
Avoid nasty surprises
Specify the exact context and target for your messages.
Manage your brand image
Specify the exact context and target for your messages.

Screeners respected to the letter

Be ultra-specific with your socio-demographic criteria

14 criteria to be sure to reach the respondent who best matches your screener

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Domestic situation
  • Number of children
  • Pets owned
  • Country
  • Regional data
  • Type of main residence
  • Environment
  • Educational level
  • Professional situation
  • Socio-Professional Category
  • Income
  • Driver's license

Segment your respondents by consumption habits

Use real consumption habits that your prospects themselves have stated.

  • Favorite brands and goods
  • Budget
  • Frequency
  • Volume
  • Renewal rate
  • Condition
  • Purchase channels
  • Reason for buying
  • Selection criteria
  • Payment method
  • Shopping experience feedback

Segment your respondents based on their purchase intentions

Through twenty questions or so, your respondents define their purchase intentions precisely

  • Desire to switch brands
  • Brands and items in question
  • Planned date of purchase
  • Budget
  • Frequency
  • Volume
  • Condition
  • Purchase channels
  • Reason for buying
  • Selection criteria
  • Payment terms

Surveys and satisfaction questionnaires in just a few clicks

Open or closed questions
The essentials of online questionnaires
Rankings and scheduling
Ask your customers to sort your answers in order of importance
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
Ask your customers to rate their satisfaction
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Ask your customers to rate how often they would recommend your brand, products or services to a friend or colleague
Customer Effort Score (CES)
Ask your customers to rate the effort needed to get to your products or services

Recruiting respondents has never been easier

Precise, certified profiles

Control of recruitment costs

Respondent follow-up

Customers and Partners

How does Divacy work for marketers?

To summarize: the benefits of Divacy for individuals

| €250 FREE on your first recruitment campaign!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Divacy for Marketing Departments and Market-Research Institutes?

Divacy is a platform for recruiting and conducting online or face-to-face market-research.

Create and circulate your online research on Divacy and get high response rates on domestic samples.

Divacy collects all the data needed for screening in a variety of everyday consumption settings. Whenever you like, use Divacy to create theme segmentation and launch recruitment.

The recruitment manager or market-research director can:

  1. Create a respondent acquisition campaign
  2. Follow quorum completion in real time
  3. Send respondents an invitation

Divacy verifies the respondent's identity and, if necessary, their proof of purchase or possession.

What is a Divacy a market-research institute Proposal?

A Proposal is the means by which you initiate a recruitment process. The proposal is only visible to users who match your segmentation and cannot be transferred to others.

It's when they consult a Proposal that users identify the research institute, the research sponsor, type of research and the amount they get for participating.

Why use Divacy?
  • To increase your margins. Divacy's commission is lower than the market standard.
  • Monitor recruitment in real time.
  • Easily alert attendees to changes to an event.
  • And win more research projects!
Can we provide Participants with gift certificates or goodies?

Nope. Divacy only lets users be rewarded with real money, from €1 per proposal.

Still not convinced?