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Our mission: to change the rules of the marketing game

Let companies pay individuals for sending them ads they have explicitly chosen, or have them take part in market-research studies, in full compliance with GDPR.

The 3 founders

"Divacy provides consumers with an alternative which lets everyone get what they really want at last without having to disclose their private affairs or hand over their personal data."
Baudouin Debain
"The time has come to rethink customer experience - from acquisition to end of relationship, including churn - by offering innovative, GDPR-compliant tools."
Jean-Marc Zuliani
“The best way to protect Divacy users is to minimize data collection and be transparent every step of the way. We value quality over quantity."
Guillaume Besancon

Our story

Once upon a time, way back in 2017, two Paris entrepreneurs called Jean-Marc and Baudouin sat down for coffee. They saw how GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was going to revolutionize the way businesses and major websites operated and got to work. Not long after, Guillaume joined them to give technological substance to their vision.

Several gallons of coffee later, the Divacy app - available on the App store and Google Play - created a virtuous circle between consumers and marketing professionals. On the one hand, the app allows companies to meet the challenge of access to precise, reliable data and be in regulatory compliance. And on the other, Divacy provides a solution to internet users wanting to protect and capitalize upon their personal data.

Divacy came into being with GDPR and is an alternative to increasingly controversial technological solutions (cookies, fingerprinting, idfa...)

Our values


Because there's no trust without it. Divacy will do nothing without telling and asking you first. This might seem obvious, yet every day we see abuse. This is the foundation to the Divacy concept and the value behind the virtuous ecosystem we are rolling out with advertising partners and market-research institutes.

Community & Solidarity

Divacy is close to its users. We want the app to be like you. More, we want to involve you in growing the app and help you save time and money in all digital aspects of your life.

Until we set up our private, dedicated community space which - while we're at it! - uses no personal data ;-) please feel free to share your thoughts or ideas at contact@divacy.com


We don't need to know your name, address or even your relational status… We just want to save you time and money by letting you receive the offers that interest you.

Divacy is built around this fundamental principle.

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